Australian Health and Education Centre (AHEC) Contract for Purchasing 3 Therapy Sessions for a Third Party Institution

Please read the terms and conditions below, enter your details and submit your agreement.

I agree to purchase 3 therapy sessions with Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH for the patient named below, at a total cost of $1,210 AUD. 

I understand that:  

When full payment is made, we can arrange the first appointment and that AHEC requires patients to have made contact with us on the telephone before we will accept them as a patient or book an appointment for them. 

The patient themselves must arrange the times of each therapy session, either in person at the end of their session, or by telephone.

None of those sessions can be missed or substituted and the patient needs to turn up for every session on time and make themselves available for the full session. 

If a patient does not turn up for the session, the session will be charged in full.

If a patient discontinues therapy for any reason or fails to show up for an appointment for a period of two months or misses two consecutive appointments, no refund is due and the contract is nil and void. 

I understand and agree that AHEC offers no guarantees of results and that results vary according to the case and the amount of effort a patient puts into the therapy, both within the sessions and outside the sessions.  

I also understand and agree that I, as the purchaser, am not entitled to any information about the therapy provided to the patient, as the patient (aged 16 and above) is entitled to confidentiality by law. 

Please note that the fee charged below includes GST of $110.

By clicking the button below, I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to the above terms and conditions. 

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