Behavioural Problems (Adults)

Many people come and see me who complain they are having behavioural problems. That is, the emergence of behaviours over which they perceive that they have no control. They may have noticed these odd behaviours themselves or other people may have reported them. This can be very frightening, disturbing or annoying for the person affected.

As a highly trained mental health professional I assess whether they are simple behavioural problems of if they may signal the onset of some form of psychosis or enduring mental illness. Since I am a naturopath as well as a clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, medical nutritionist, and herbalist, I take a full medical history when you come to my clinic seeking help with behavioural problems and may order blood tests so that we get a full picture of what is happening with you.

There may be physical reasons you are having behavioural problems and if there are, I want to find them so I can help you go forward to manage those difficulties.

If the behavioural problems are indications of psychosis then I may work with other professionals to increase the care you need to help you. I may, as a naturopath, prescribe some herbs and advice to change your diet and lifestyle.

For simple behavioural problems, such as helping people to stop nail biting, hair pulling, nervous tics, Tourette’s syndrome (swearing out loud), hypnotherapy can help eliminate those behaviours very quickly. When those behaviours are due to emotional problems, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can help deal with them and move you forward to a restored wellness and balanced way of living. If you have problems with violence or addictions you can be successfully treated through psychotherapy and hypnosis.