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I am a qualified and registered clinical hypnotherapist (ASOCHA, AHA), psychotherapist, counsellor, mental health professional and trainer, working from a naturopathic perspective in Sydney, Australia.

For more than 20 years I have helped over 20,000 people empower themselves, achieve their goals and create positive change in their lives – fast.

I trained at a post-graduate level with the National School of Hypnosis and Advanced Psychotherapy in London, UK (UKCP-recognised school). My degree and doctorate were earned at the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in the USA and issued in co-ordination with the Bureau for Private Post-Secondary and Vocational Education in California (School no. 3004761).

I have been a family and couples therapist, a sex therapist and addictions therapist for many years.

I am also a qualified naturopath and medical herbalist, who trained in nutritional medicine with the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (DET Federally recognised). I hold a Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree in Complementary Medicine from Charles Sturt University.

I have attended many other colleges and universities over the years and constantly spend a lot of my time developing and evolving my skills as a therapist, as well as being an internationally published researcher and bestselling author.

Between 2001 to 2009 I was the editorial director for Hypnosis Australia Online Journal for professional hypnotherapists.

Before coming to Australia, I practised for many years at the London Medical Centre, Harley Street in the UK.

My services include hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling, sex therapy, past life therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, marriage and relationship counselling, family therapy, drug and alcohol counselling, life coaching and business coaching.

I am the director of the Australian Health & Education Centre in Glebe.

Give me a call on (02) 9571 4333 if you are interested in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy or counselling in Sydney so that we can discuss your requirements.